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We got the name 101ers as a nickname due to the fact that our friends often told us that we would do 101 different things before we chose the right idea. So what better name to choose for our new website other than this, seeing as it is the first one that we have ever created and ironically the one that thing that we believe are going to nail first time around.

We are absolutely dedicated to building 101ers.co.uk to be not just an national force, but are force to be reckoned with right across the web and across all geographic locations. Obviously since we have chosen to go with a .co.uk address our first mission is to conquer Britain, but as we grow we will seek help in order to spread our popularity across the pond.

101ers is by its very nature a quirky yet informative site designed in a way that will help our readers attain the very best information on a given product prior to making a purchase. To do this we give a detailed and in-depth review of each of the posts that we create. These posts can be based on anything from drysuit reviews to the best saddle for your horse.

What we post about is entirely our prerogative and that is the beauty of running your own website rather than being a cog in the wheel for a big corporation. We actually see this as being a real change from the norm and have received quite a lot of positive feedback from people saying that although the site is a little bare bones and in need of a “lick of paint”, the articles themselves really do it justice.

This is great to hear and really keeps us going despite the hard work that is required to maintain these standards. We hope that we can be of some benefit to you and that you appreciate our hard work.

We do this out of the goodness of our hearts and in our spare time so please don’t be hateful or feel the need to slander us since in typical 101ers spirit it will be water off a duck’s back and you will soon find out that more than likely we will just laugh along with you.

The 101ers team.

Buying A Drysuit And Drysuits For Sale Explained
Entry Dated - October 13 2015
For those of you who were thinking of buying a drysuit we should probably point out a couple of things. The first is that you need to pay close attention to the size of the neoprene seals. These refer to the..

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